Random things about Andy

After looking at this a little I realized that it would appear that I am a huge Ford fan. Yes and no. I like good cars. I love old 71 Barracuda's, 67 Camaro's and who doesn't love a 30's Duesenberg. New cars are great as well, a nice little lotus elise or a Aston Martin DB9 would be heaven on wheels. Basically I am not a fan of picking one car manufacturer and following everything they do like some sort of religion, bashing everything else. All car companies have made stinkers. They have also made great works of engineering and art combined in one beautiful package. Some cars were very good for their time, however they can now be made better with new technology. A new modern small block V8 in an old 77 ish 280Z would be a good example.


My Truck

If you know me well enough you know the story behind this truck. If not then let me explain. My dad bought the truck new; a (1971 F250 Sport Custom) and immediately put glass packs on it. Apparently conversation was not a priority. From what I've heard it was very loud, just the way he liked it. During a couple of excursions in the woods the two front fenders got damaged and they were replaced but never painted. This left the truck with a very unique look being red with flat black front fenders. Anyhow after he passed away the truck ended up belonging to my aunt. Thirty years later she finds out about me wanting the truck and just gives it to me. Well at this point the whole thing needs to be reworked but has not happened yet. I have plans that will make it modern, yet retain the look of the original style. Parts for 67' to 72' seem hard to find. Not a popular run for restoration I guess, however Dennis Carpenter, NPD, Mac's, Blueoval truck parts, Carolina Classics and Classic Auto parts offer replacement parts options. Some others do exist but a little time on the internet and in forums has revealed that some of them are not good quality. However if a company is not listed it does not mean they are the ones. So just spend a little time researching.


I have found and purchased a 330 in³ (5.4 L) modular Windsor V8 with 4-valve DOHC, 300 hp (224 kW) and 355 lb·ft (481 N·m) of torque. I want to also install a ZF-6 transmission. The transmission is still on the wish list so time will tell. The only real issue is special headers must be used in order to get the O2 sensor to work correctly. With traditional headers the O2 sensor would not read correctly due to the long distance from the exhaust port. The exhaust gas is not hot enough and it will give a false reading. So it would create a very rich mix.


If I can I will change the front and rear axles with ones off of a '77-'79 F250 so they will have disk brakes. If I can't find or afford them the drive train will remain the same as original with the exception of adding disk brakes. The front axle is a Dana 44 and the disk brake kit from Blackbirds custom trucks seems to be the correct one needed for the front. The rear axle is a Dana 60 and another kit from Blackbirds custom trucks will give me what I'm looking for. I am getting a Camper Special bed to put on the truck. The bed is to be Rhino Lined but otherwise the rest of the truck will remain original on the outside. The reason for using Rhino instead of others such as LineX is comfort. Rhino is supposed to be very rubbery and soft. On camping trips sometimes sleeping in the back of the truck should be relaxing not a night of hell. I am planning on adding a second fuel tank under the bed for long distance travel in the mountains. The front bumper will be turned into something a little less obnoxious and more user friendly. I will be using the same PTO wench however, it's part of the truck.


The interior will be mostly stock looking but I want some modern toys inside. One modern option that I also plan on installing is air conditioning from Old Air. I wanted to keep as many accessories off the engine as I could; but this truck has earned the right to relax and not be worked as hard anymore. So with that in mind the engine will be used for driving and camping not hauling really heavy loads. A better seat is a must; I am going to find a bench seat with a fold down center console from a newer F250 or use one similar to these from Sales Co. I will be putting a new i-pod compatible stereo in as well as a GPS system. Also I want Durabak in the cab for sound proofing and insulation on the underside and in the wheel wells. The reason for using Durabak is that I can control how much and where it's applied.


As I plan the restoration I will post pages indicating what I intend to do. In addition I will add at the end of the page how it really went. That part will likely be a lot bigger and more in depth. The links are as follows

Electronic goodies

Info can come from anywhere however these people seem to know a lot Fordification, Ford Truck Enthusiasts. The first is a great resource of technical information. The second is a Ford truck forum. This link is a great page about the restoration of a 57 VW Beetle. It goes into great detail of what he went through and how long it really took to complete. In addition to showing the good he also shows the bad which is helpful. If anyone has helpful information I would really appreciate it. Just send an email.


Australian Ford Falcon

This is the one car I would really love to own but don't think I ever will. It is a 73 Australian Ford Falcon XB. It is the same type of car used in the Road warrior movies. The big difference is the one used in the movies had an aftermarket fiberglass nose attached to it. The car was very good for it's day and still has a unique look to it. I want one. Convincing Amanda that we need one bad enough to pay for it is another story. For more information on this and other Aussie cars check out Aussie Coupes.




3D modeling and rendering

I don't do much animation, however I do a lot of modeling and rendering of QTVR objects and stills. I just never really got the animation bug. I enjoy modeling much more. Not to say I don't have some great ideas, I do I just have not done them. At one point in my life I wanted to become a great animator. Guess I missed the bus. However I feel that some of my stills are pretty good and I'm happy with that. To be a great animator you need to spend a lot of time on the computer. I would rather spend time with Amanda. Yeah sappy as crap but true. The time I do spend on the computer is still a fight and sometimes I win. This is a collection of a few things I have done. Possibly not all the way that I wanted but are any of us really done with 3D projects?

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