Proposal Information

The Ring

The ring is of course one of the most important aspects of the whole thing. If you are going to marry someone who will look at and examine the ring a lot. This was a design that I felt best fits Amanda's style and personality. Looking similar to a flower by having Sapphires arranged like petals. Having some color and style were very important to the selection. Now that Amanda has the ring, she is very happy with the design.



Proposal Location

The proposal location was San Isabell National Forest outside of Leadville Colorado at our favorite camping site. I asked on the 17th of November 2007. Oh yeah it was cold, that's ice on the beaver pond and snow in the distance. However it is our special camping location and we like it. We like it because it is a very remote location that allows us to be alone with the trees and running water.




Wedding Information

Location, Date.

Ok the date is now final, the 18th of July 2008 at 11:00am. The location will be at Piney River Ranch, with Piney Lake as the backdrop. The lake is flanked by mountains covered with pine trees on the right and aspen trees on the left. The ranch is located 11 miles north of Vail Resort, in Vail Colorado. The QTVR to the left is what the location looked like when we went to go visit the site. Obviously the pictures we took were in the winter with two feet of snow on the ground. So below are pictures of someone else's wedding, at the same location during the summer.


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Above is a map showing the location. It is 11 miles north of Vail at the end of a Forest Service road. To get to Piney River Ranch take exit 176 from I-70, go west on the north frontage road to Red Sandstone Rd. Take a right on the third switchback, take forest service Rd. 700 and follow the signs to Piney River Ranch or Piney Lake. It takes 45 minutes to get to the location from Vail. For most people it will also take about two hours to get to Vail from Denver. So in total it will take about three hours to get to the location from Denver. You can download a printable map in PDF format. If you don't have acrobat, you can get that Here




Piney River Ranch - Summer Wedding shots

All of these shots were taken by several people.

More shots of a great location.

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