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3D Render Stills

I use both a MAC and a PC. Primarily I use LightWave for 3D and Photoshop for touch up. The ME-262 was the first serious model I ever tried. As such, I don't think I will ever be fully happy with it. I am a perfectionist in certain areas and this is one model I will work on for a while then put away, only to work on it again later. The PS2 was more of a test bench for me to see if I could copy something that everyone not living in a cave had at least seen. The Next image was supposed to be a surrealistic image but I think it just comes off as an odd collection of stuff. The image of earth has no lights. Most images of earth are rendered from a modern perspective; so I wanted a human free image of earth.




These are QTVR's of our dream house. Currently with no furniture in any of the rooms, this was more of a proof of concept thing. I wanted to show Amanda what these two areas would look like so she could feel confident about how they were designed. She can read blueprints but needs something a little more to see the details. Honestly after seeing it in 3D I did some changes to the prints. These were created by importing the AutoCAD AEC files into Lightwave and then modeled from that geometry. The textures were created in Photoshop from actual Parade of Homes photographs and from scans of objects. Lighting on these two are done from a sky dome like the tutorial on Newtek's web site.

I think we may change some more things after reading Jeff Lewis's blog about flipping houses on his show Flipping Out. If you haven't seen it, you should. He is one person we would love to have look at our prints and make suggestions or changes. However I think that would be beyond our means.



3D Animations

The NERVA movie is about the rocket program that was started in the 50's and killed in 1972. The original idea is a good one; combine it with modern technology and knowledge and it would be a great idea for getting humans to Mars in a timely manner. However I think it's biggest contribution would be as a generator. If it were hooked up to a Lewis Bradon type thermal generator in a closed loop system I believe it would be very important to survival on Mars. This is not completely finished, however it gives an idea of what I can do. The full animation is a bit big for serving up on the web. I really don't want it to be stolen and have someone else take credit for it. I had a student of mine try that once. They did not take my work but someone else's.




I have a friend of mine who is a photographer and he kind of got me interested in taking pictures again. Amanda is really into hiking and camping, so she got me out into the world and we like taking pictures of everything else. Art is subjective, you like it or you don't. So hopefully some of you like at least some of these shots.


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