What can I do?

A brief work history

Ok this list is an odd one and I'm not going to list everything. How could I but I have formal training in several areas from Art to Physics to Auto mechanics. I'm sort of a jack of all trades. Some might look down on that but I think it helps in the long run. For instance in designing our house I knew I would want to work on whatever car or truck we own. So I designed a mechanics pit in one of the garage bays. Using my knowledge learned from my structural detailing experience I made it possible to cover the pit with a grating so we could walk on it and even drive over it. Yet it is easy to open and get into.

At one point I was a auto mechanic working for a Buick, GMC dealer in Boulder. Removing drive trains and rebuilding engines. Later in life I was in school for Aerospace Engineering, then the Soviet Union collapsed and I quit. Wish I had stayed in now. Ahhh hind sight. I worked as a Structural Detailer for several years. Got an Art Degree and changed professions to teaching 3D modeling and animation part time while working for a Surface Mount Technology Company. That was fun being involved in building prototype SCSI controller cards and Raid Backplains for IBM. Then the company got bought out and closed down, such is life.

I then spent a while working in a satellite broadcast company as a tape monkey. While I was there I learned how to edit both linear and non linear. The linear editing machine was from '85 or something but very rugged equipment. I also worked for a research and development company. That was a fun gob due to the fact that we were building small pilot plants for clients then operate them. So I got a lot of experience from that. I then switched gears again and worked for an Architect drafting both custom show homes and development homes. I have always thought I would make a great Architect so for me this was great experience. I tried to learn everything I could while I was there. Me and Amanda went to several Parade of Homes and tried to learn what others were doing and in the process integrate the knowledge into our own design. However due to the housing downturn the office closed down and another switch was in order. I have almost completed the design of our house.

Formally taught program list.

  • Photoshop
  • Quark Xpress
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Word
  • Excel

  • I have taught myself how to use several programs as well.

  • Lightwave
  • Dreamweaver
  • In-design
  • Flash
  • DVD Studio Pro

  • This list is not complete, but it's some of the big ones.

    What would I love to do

    I don't jump from job to job wily nilly. However if something challenging and exciting comes up, who am I to say no. In short I'm open to look at any offers if they come my way.

    well in no particular order. I would love to work for an Architect doing visualizations. Either residential or commercial to me both would be loads of fun and a new challenge every time.

    I would love to work on helping design an electric or hybrid car. I feel that my mechanical skills combined with my artistic skills would help create something truly amazing. Both in performance and aesthetics.

    I would love to work for a company such as Lockheed/Martin. I know they use visualizations. I have seen them on the news every time a lander is launched and again when the lander or probe arrives at it's destination.


    My Resume is available in two forms a PDF version and a Word version..


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