The world is an imperfect place

Ok so sometimes things don't work exactly the way we would like. This site for instance was mostly tested on a Mac in Firefox. While I tried to get it to work in Internet Explorer Microsoft does not fully support style sheet functions. Also not all browsers are the same and so colors and display is a little different depending on what platform and browser is being used. So with that being said this site was also a learning opportunity for me as well, so I pushed it farther than I normally would just to see how to do it. The products listed are not mine nor do I sell them. That is why I provided a link to the respective home page so that others can enjoy the products as well. The wedding page is more of an idea think tank for us. So I did not link to the home pages of the items on that page. The gallery page has original work done by me.


The Good Bits

I am more than happy to answer questions or provide more information. Also this site is really intended for family and friends to get information and so forth quickly and from anywhere.


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